Extended Laravel4 workbench command

dev-master 2014-01-09 09:10 UTC


This is an extension to the native workbench command provided by Laravel4 ###Build Status Travis CI: [Build Status] (https://travis-ci.org/eviweb/laravel4-workbench)
Scrutinizer CI: [![Scrutinizer Quality Score] (https://scrutinizer-ci.com/g/eviweb/laravel4-workbench/badges/quality-score.png?s=20885ad142635ecdf98cefaf5cd3c00cacc4365b)] (https://scrutinizer-ci.com/g/eviweb/laravel4-workbench/)

How to install

Manually using Composer

  • Run composer require eviweb/laravel4-workbench:dev-master
  • add 'evidev\laravel4\extensions\workbench\WorkbenchServiceProvider' in the providers section of your app/config/app.php configuration file

Using Laravel Package Installer

  • Run php artisan package:install eviweb/laravel4-workbench:dev-master

How to use

Once the package is installed, run artisan config:publish eviweb/laravel4-workbench, then edit the configuration file app/config/packages/laravel4-workbench/config.php.
Use the command artisan workbench [options] vendor/package as you done before.
This will generate your plugin skeleton.

Available options

--resources     Create Laravel specific directories
--psr0          Specify a specific PSR-0 compliant namespace mapping
--ns            Specify a custom namespace for this package

This feature extension ensures backward compatibility with the native implementation
This means that running artisan workbench vendor/package or artisan workbench --resources vendor/package would give you the same result as before.