Bring SpringData features into PHP

0.1.1 2016-09-14 19:05 UTC

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Last update: 2021-01-17 19:55:44 UTC


Extends doctrine repository feature with pagination support. (Inspired from SpringData project.)


  • Create your own Repository class without implementation (Interface Only)
  • Also support custom implementation.
  • Support Pagination with strong type pagination stubs (DoctrineData\Pagination\*)
  • Make Doctrine2 Repository more stronger.
  • Didn't support Doctrine2 Magic Method by default (You need to define that method in an Interface. Because we focus on maintenance. how should people know which magic method currently used on a project.)


  • Under development.
  • Will be available soon.
  • Feel free to fork and submit pull request. xD

Basic Repository Interface

 interface EmployeeRepository extends DoctrineDataRepositoryInterface
    /** @Query("select e from Employee e where e.name = ?1") */
    public function findByDepartmentId(int $departmentId, PageableInterface $pageable);
 /* @var $repository EmployeeRepository */
 /* @var $page PageInterface */
 $pageRequest = new PageRequest(1,10);
 $repository = $em->getRepository(Employee::class);     
 $page = $repository->findByDepartmentId(1, $pageRequest);
 foreach($page as $emp){
    echo 'Name: ' . $emp->getName() ;