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Simple PHP SSH/FTP deployment tool.

Inspired by dg/ftp-deployment.

Do not deploy application manually!

Deploy it automatically with this tool, run jobs before/after deploy. Upload only modified files.

Other tool compatibility

This packages can easily replace dg/ftp-deployment.

If you have deployed applications with that tool, simply start using etten/deployment.

It can read dg/ftp-deployment deployed files database and simply continue only with modified files.

This is tested with dg/ftp-deployment v2.5.

Continuous Delivery, Automatic Deployment

This tool allows you continuously and automatically deliver your application.

You can use i.e. Shippable for your CI/CD.

I suggest you tu use phpdocker/phpdocker build image for this purposes.

After build is completed, simply run this deploy tool - it's a CLI PHP tool.


Just install via Composer to your project:

$ composer require etten/deployment

Nette application

Use it via DI Extension. See demo.

It doesn't require comments. You can find directives in the config.

After install, run it via CLI:

$ php www/index.php deployment -h

It's a Kdyby Console Application, so read the Docs first.

Another PHP application

See demo Symfony Console CMD and demo config file.

For our demo deploy just run via CLI:

$ php demo\deploy.php -c config.php

It's a Symfony Console Application, so read the Docs first.