A better asset management package for Laravel.

v4.0.7 2014-08-21 10:00 UTC

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Basset is a better asset management package for the Laravel framework. Basset shares the same philosophy as Laravel. Development should be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. When it comes to managing your assets it can become quite complex and a pain in the backside. These days developers are able to use a range of pre-processors such as Sass, Less, and CoffeeScript. Basset is able to handle the processing of these assets instead of relying on a number of individual tools.

Please NOTE:

  • This is a fork of the original but, unfortunately, no longer maintained Basset asset management package for the Laravel 4 framework. All credits and great thanks to @jasonlewis for developing this great package.
  • The main reason for this fork to exist is to make the package compatible with the latest version of the Laravel 4 framework, fix some bugs, and allow me to upgrade some applications which rely on this package to the latest Laravel 4 framework.


Please, take a look at the, or browse the commits to know what has changed from the original.


To get the latest version of Basset simply require it in your composer.json file:

"etrepat/basset": "~4.0.1"

You'll then need to run composer install to download it and have the autoloader updated.

Once Basset is installed you need to register the service provider with the application. Open up app/config/app.php and find the providers key.

'providers' => array(



Basset also ships with a facade which provides the static syntax for creating collections. You can register the facade in the aliases key of your app/config/app.php file.

'aliases' => array(

    'Basset' => 'Basset\Facade'



View the official documentation.


Please see the file.