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SqlSync is planned to be an open source database syncronous tool. However it is in early stages of development, and supports database dump transfer only for now.

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Please make sure that you can access php command line tool via php command. Further commands will be executed on Terminal or Command Prompt:

Step 1: Download and install composer dependency manager.

php -r "readfile('');" | php

Step 2: Create a new sqlsync project via composer.

php composer.phar create-project eserozvataf/sqlsync:dev-master

Step 3: Rename config.sample.php to config.php and edit configuration.


Transfer Command: Transfer command simply creates or overwrites a new database/schema on client, by reading the source database from the server. The workflow of this procedure is preparing a sql dump file on server side, downloading it to client, execution of the dump on the client.

vendor/bin/scabbia sqlSync:transfer my_database

Replace my_database with your database name which will be copied to your client.




It is publicly open for any contribution. Bugfixes, new features and extra modules are welcome. All contributions should be filed on the eserozvataf/sqlsync repository.

  • To contribute to code: Fork the repo, push your changes to your fork, and submit a pull request.
  • To report a bug: If something does not work, please report it using GitHub issues.
  • To support: Donate