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A Document Management System for Symfony 2

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dev-master / 1.0.x-dev 2018-09-27 09:38 UTC


Installation & Configuration


Roadmap for 1.0

The roadmap for 1.0 will require theses features.

  • Document Tree management
  • Multiple view modes (Gallery, Table, Showcase, ...)
  • Simple upload
  • Preview of image files
  • Massive upload
  • Metadata's on documents and folders
  • Multi-permission system on first depth level
  • WIP PHP API for quering the DMS from another bundle
  • Alias system to allow document linking
  • Basic Search engine (without pertinency)
  • Events

Next steps

Next releases will include :

  • REST API for quering the DMS from another project
  • Statistic
  • Preview of video files
  • Support preview of various documents (Word document, Presentation, PDF)
  • Smart search engine (via Solr or other)
  • Multi-permission system on all levels