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Important: This package is currently on development, please don't use it until have a beta or stable version.


Erdiko Session is a package to handle in an easy and elastic way to persistent user data through the lifetime of your application.

Official Documentation

Documentation for Erdiko Session Package can be found on the Erdiko website.


We recommend installing Erdiko Session Package with Composer. At the commandline simply run:

composer require erdiko/session


Current Drivers Available:

  • File: SessionDriverFile

Coming Drivers in development:

  • Redis: SessionDriverRedis
  • Database: SessionDriverDatabase
  • Cookie: SessionDriverCookie


This package depends of Erdiko\Core


File Path


File format

  "default": { // Driver Source
    "driver": "file",  // Driver Type
    "path": "/tmp",
    "lifetime": 60000

Available Methods

You will find several methods that will satisfy your requirements for handling session data.

  • get
  • set
  • has
  • forget
  • exists

Basic Usage

For more details please see Advance Usage Detail Page.

Set Method

Set the value on session

Session::set('name', 'value');

Get method

Retrieves the value from the session


Has method

Verifies if the given key exists and has a value on the session


Exists method

Verifies if the given key exists, without verify if has or not value

Session::set('name', 'value');

Forget method

Removes the given key from the session

Session::set('name', 'value');


On development


  • Mauricio Gastón
  • John Arroyo
  • Leo Daidone

All Contributors

  • If you want to help, please do, we'd love more brainpower! Fork, commit your enhancements and do a pull request. If you want to get to even more involved please contact us!


Arroyo Labs


Erdiko is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license