Makes using of code quality tools for PHP projects of EonX easier

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This package is a way to centralise reusable classes used for coding standards and quality tools. It contains:

Install (separately from the project's composer.json file)

  1. Create a quality directory in your project root.

  2. Go to the quality directory and run composer require eonx-com/easy-quality.

  3. Add quality/vendor to Git ignore (either in a .gitignore file inside the quality directory or in you project's root .gitignore file).

  4. Update your project's composer.json file by adding a post-install script (this will automate an installation of eonx-com/easy-quality on all the local machines):

        "post-install-cmd": [
            "cd quality && composer install --no-dev"
  5. Update your project's composer.json file by adding the following scripts. Here we use veewee/composer-run-parallel (install it as a dev dependency) for the check-all script to run multiple commands in parallel. Feel free to modiy these commands as you wish.

        "scripts": {
            "check-all": "@parallel check-security check-ecs check-rector check-phpmd-app check-phpmd-tests check-phpstan",
            "check-ecs": "php -d memory_limit=1024M quality/vendor/bin/ecs check --clear-cache",
            "check-phpmd-app": "quality/vendor/bin/phpmd src ansi phpmd.app.xml",
            "check-phpmd-tests": "quality/vendor/bin/phpmd tests ansi phpmd.tests.xml",
            "check-phpstan": "quality/vendor/bin/phpstan analyse --ansi --memory-limit=1000M",
            "check-rector": "quality/vendor/bin/rector process --dry-run"
  6. Make sure you have config files for ECS, Rector, PHP Mess Detector, and PHPStan in the project source code root.

  7. Run composer check-all from the project source code root to make sure everything is working and fix the found issues.

  8. If you want to use the quality tools in CI, here is an example of a GitHub action configuration:

            needs: phpunit-install
            runs-on: ubuntu-latest
            timeout-minutes: 60
                fail-fast: false
                    php: ['8.0']
                        - {name: phpstan, run: composer check-phpstan}
                        - {name: phpmd-app, run: composer check-phpmd-app}
                        - {name: phpmd-tests, run: composer check-phpmd-tests}
                        - {name: rector, run: composer check-rector}
                        - {name: security, run: composer check-security}
                        - {name: yaml-linter, run: './bin/console lint:yaml config src translations --parse-tags'}
                        - {name: ecs, run: composer check-ecs}
            name: ${{ matrix.actions.name}} (${{ matrix.php }})
                    uses: eonx-com/actions-checkout@v2
                    uses: eonx-com/actions-setup-php@v2
                        php-version: ${{ matrix.php }}
                        coverage: none
                    name: Get the cached Composer dependencies
                    uses: eonx-com/actions-cache@v1
                        path: src/vendor
                        key: ${{ matrix.php }}-composer-${{ hashFiles('src/composer.lock') }}
                    name: Get the cached PHPUnit installation
                    uses: eonx-com/actions-cache@v1
                        path: src/.phpunit
                        key: ${{ matrix.php }}-new-phpunit-bridge-install-${{ hashFiles('src/phpunit.xml.dist') }}
                    name: Get the cached quality tools installation
                    id: cache-quality-tools
                    uses: eonx-com/actions-cache@v1
                        path: quality/vendor
                        key: ${{ matrix.php }}-quality-tools-${{ hashFiles('quality/composer.lock') }}
                    name: Install quality tools
                    if: steps.cache-quality-tools.outputs.cache-hit == false
                    run: composer --working-dir=../quality install --prefer-dist --no-scripts --no-progress --no-interaction --no-dev
                    name: Check ${{ matrix.actions.name }}
                    run: ${{ matrix.actions.run }}
                    shell: bash

Prepare configuration file for ECS (Easy Coding Standard) Sniffs

Create a configuration file for ECS in the quality folder of the project.

For example see quality/ecs.php.

Run ECS check

Go to the root folder of the project and run

composer check-ecs


quality/vendor/bin/ecs check

Expected output:

[OK] No errors found. Great job - your code is shiny in style!

Prepare configuration file for Rector

Create a configuration file for Rector in the quality folder of the project.

For example see quality/rector.php.

Run Rector check

Go to the root folder of the project and run

composer check-rector


quality/vendor/bin/rector process --dry-run

Expected output:

[OK] Rector is done!