Dynamically generate the table of contents from $Content

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Generate the table of contents dynamically from $Content or from any HTML field specified in the content_field YAML property of a controller.

This is basically a SilverStripe 3 module that extends the controller (if the cms is present, by default ContentController is extended) to provide:

  • the new $Autotoc tag, containing the table of contents dynamically created from the content of the current page. The tree is provided as a mixture of ArrayData and ArrayList, ready to be consumed by templates.
  • overriding of the specified field (default to $Content), augmenting it with anchors (<a> elements with the id attribute but without href) that adds proper destinations to the links in $Autotoc.


To install silverstripe-autotoc you should proceed as usual: unpack or copy the directory tree inside your SilverStripe root directory and do a ?flush.

If you use composer, you could just use the following command instead:

composer require entidi/silverstripe-autotoc


Modify your templates to include the newly introduced $Autotoc tag (see the next section for the gory details) or directly include the default template, e.g.:

<% include Autotoc %>

If you want to use a field different from Content, set the desired name in the content_field property of a YAML config file, e.g.:

    content_field: 'Content' # Bogus: this is the default
    content_field: 'Details'
    content_field: 'Biography'

Autotoc format

The $Autotoc is a tree that can be represented with the following pseudo representation:

$Autotoc = ArrayData( $Children <- <CHILDREN> )
<CHILDREN> = ArrayList( <ITEM> )
<ITEM> = ArrayData( $Id, $Title [, $Children <- <CHILDREN> ] )

In a more SilverStripe template way, this can be seen as:


The Autotoc.ss and AutotocItem.ss show a way to represent the whole table of content tree in a recursive way. The format used is intentionally compatible with the Bootstrap navlist components, so it can be used and it will be properly handled by the Silverstrap theme.


This project has been developed by ntd. Its home page is shared by other SilverStripe modules and themes.

To check out the code, report issues or propose enhancements, go to the dedicated tracker. Alternatively, you can do the same things by leveraging the official github repository.