Comment module for Anax framework.

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Anax comment module.


In order to use this module you need an Anax framework environment. Some of the modules required are not publically available, so it is not possible to use a default Anax setup. In order to try out the below steps, you can use the test branch of the author's own Anax repo:

git clone https://github.com/emsa16/anax.git -b comment-test
cd anax
composer install

For the project to work the database also needs to be setup:

mv config/database_default.php config/database.php

Then change dsn, username and password within database.php to match your environment.

A User table also needs to be added to the database manually, sql/ddl/user_mysql_default.sql contains the necessary DDL for that.


Install the module with the following command:

composer require emsa/comment

Setup in Anax environment

Run the following command to automatically setup the module in your Anax installation (assumes a normal Anax project structure):

make install-module module=emsa/comment

The setup adds example pages and views that can be reached in the browser via the path /comment.

Finally, a Comment table needs to be manually added to the database, sql/ddl/comment_mysql_default.sql contains the necessary DDL for that.

The comment functionality can now be demoed under /comment/1 and /comment/2.


Short examples on how to use the module comment.


This software carries a MIT license.

..:  Copyright (c) 2018 Emil Sandberg (emil.hietanen@gmail.com)