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NPM integration for Composer packages.

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No longer maintained

This package is no longer maintained. See this statement for more info.

Composer NPM bridge

NPM integration for Composer packages.

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  • The npm executable must be available in PATH.


To utilize the Composer NPM bridge, simply add eloquent/composer-npm-bridge to the require section of the project's Composer configuration:

composer require eloquent/composer-npm-bridge

NPM dependencies are specified via a package.json configuration file in the root directory of the Composer package. Source control should be configured to ignore NPM's node_modules directory, similar to Composer's vendor directory.

How does it work?

The Composer NPM bridge is a Composer plugin that automatically installs and updates NPM packages whenever the corresponding Composer command is executed. To detect compatible packages, the bridge inspects Composer package configuration information to find packages that directly require the eloquent/composer-npm-bridge Composer package itself.

In addition to normal operation, composer install will install NPM dependencies for all Composer packages using the bridge. This includes the root package, as well as Composer dependencies. Similarly, composer update will install NPM dependencies for all Composer dependencies using the bridge. It will also update the NPM dependencies for the root project.

NPM dependencies will be installed exactly as if npm install were run from the root directory of the package. This applies even if the package is installed as a dependency.


The following configuration can be added to composer.json under the extra.npm-bridge section to customize the behavior on a per-package basis. Values in the root package will not currently impact any dependency packages that also use Composer NPM bridge - each package must define its own options.

Key Type Default Description
timeout int 300 Specify a custom timeout for the installation (in seconds).
optional bool false Skip instead of throwing an exception if npm is not found when processing the package.
    // ...

    "extra": {
        "npm-bridge": {
            "timeout": 9000,
            "optional": true

        // ...

Composer NPM bridge can be completely disabled by setting the COMPOSER_NPM_BRIDGE_DISABLE environment variable to a non-empty value:



Because NPM dependencies are installed underneath the root directory of the Composer package, Composer may complain about working copy changes when the package is installed as a dependency. Source control should be configured to ignore the node_modules directory in order to avoid this.