eLife Sciences API client

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This library provides a PHP client for the eLife Sciences API.


  • PHP 7

You will need an implementation of eLife\ApiClient\HttpClient; the client provides an adapter for Guzzle 6.


Execute composer require elife/api-client.


The eLife\ApiClient\ApiClient namespace provides separate clients for each part of the eLife API.

Each method on an API client represents an endpoint.

You can pass default headers to an API client, and/or to each API client method. You should provide an Accept header stating which versions you support.

API clients always return instances of GuzzleHttp\Promise\PromiseInterface, which wrap instances of eLife\ApiClient\Result, which in turn wrap the JSON response.

eLife\ApiClient\Result provides integration with the JMESPath (using jmespath.php), to allow easy searching of JSON responses.

Basic example

To list the Labs Post IDs that appear on the first page of the endpoint:

use eLife\ApiClient\ApiClient\LabsClient;
use eLife\ApiClient\HttpClient\Guzzle6HttpClient;
use eLife\ApiClient\MediaType;
use GuzzleHttp\Client as Guzzle;

$guzzle = new Guzzle(['base_uri' => 'https://api.elifesciences.org/']);
$httpClient = new Guzzle6HttpClient($guzzle);
$labsClient = new LabsClient($httpClient);

var_dump($labsClient->listPosts(['Accept' => new MediaType(LabsClient::TYPE_POST_LIST, 1)])->wait()->search('items[*].id'));

Deprecation warnings

As the eLife API provides deprecation warnings using the HTTP Warning header, the eLife\ApiClient\HttpClient\WarningCheckingHttpClient will pass these to a PSR-7 logger.