Simple PHP QA pipeline and scripts. Largely just a collection of dependencies with configuration and scripts to run them together

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4.2.3 2021-01-07 15:31 UTC


By Edmonds Commerce

Version 4 Updates

Brings in PHPStan 0.12 which is great

However you will need to do the following:

Remove PHPStan symlinks before upgrading

rm -f bin/phpstan*

Ensuring Correct PHPStan Configs

If you are overriding phpstan.neon in your qaConfig folder, then you need to make sure you have this in there:

    level: max
    inferPrivatePropertyTypeFromConstructor: true

Version 3 Updates

You should update your phpunit.xml file to use printerClass="\PHPUnit\Util\TestDox\CliTestDoxPrinter"

see ./phpunit.xml


PHPQA is a quality assurance pipeline written in BASH that can be run both on the desktop as part of your development process and then also as part of a continuous integration (CI) pipeline.

It runs tools in a logical order and will fail as quickly as possible.

PHPQA has only been tested on Linux.

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You can follow dev-master which should generally be pretty stable (all features are developed in feature branches and must pass CI before making it into master. Alternatively if you want real stability, you can track a release version of your choice.

composer require edmondscommerce/phpqa:dev-master@dev --dev

Your project's composer.json needs to specify a bin folder. If it's not already present, add this:

    "config": {
        "bin-dir": "bin"


To run the full pipline, simply execute in your BASH terminal:



$ ./bin/qa -h

bin/qa [-t tool to run ] [ -p path to scan ]

Defaults to using all tools and scanning whole project based on platform

 - use -h to see this help

 - use -p to specify a specific path to scan

 - use -t to specify a single tool:
     psr|psr4         psr4 validation
     com|composer     composer validation
     st|stricttypes   strict types validation
     lint|phplint     phplint
     stan|phpstan     phpstan
     unit|phpunit     phpunit
     infect|infection infection
     md|messdetector  php mess detector
     ma|markdown      markdown validation
     bf|phpbf         php beautifier and fixer
     cs|phpcs         php code sniffer
     l|loc            lines of code and other stats

By default, PHPQA will run against the entire project root.

Single Tool:

If you want to run a single tool, use the -t option. See the usage above to get the shortcuts for the tools

./bin/qa -t stan

Specified Path:

Some of the tools allow us to restrict the scan to a specified path. To specify the path, use the -p option.

./bin/qa -p ./src/specified/path.php


You can combine both options

./bin/qa -t stan -p ./src/specified/path.php


Please see the Configuration docs

The Pipeline

Please see the Pipeline docs

The QA Tools

For full details and configuration instructions for all fo the tools, please see the PHPQA Tools

Platform Detection

PHPQA comes with a set of generic tools and configs, but also has some inbuilt profiles.

Information on how this works can be found on the platform detection page

Specific platforms' docs are at:

Using for Continuous Integration (CI)

Please see the CI docs

Git Hooks

Have a look in gitHooks for git hooks that can be used in your project

The suggested way to use these is to symlink. Note that your actual git hook should not include the .bash file extension

To use the pre-commit hook, for example, you would do:

#cd to project root
cd /var/www/project/root

#cd to hooks folder
cd .git/hooks/

#create relative symlink
ln -s ../../vendor/edmondscommerce/phpqa/gitHooks/pre-commit.bash pre-commit

Then ensure the hook is executable by running it:

#cd to project root
cd /var/www/project/root


And you should then see

PHPQA Pre Commit Hook