A Common Console base application.

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0.0.2 2021-07-08 14:47 UTC


Common Console is a tool based on Symfony Console Component that provides a set of command line interfaces that allows for automating scripted operations in different sites in a platform. A platform is a local or remote environment that hosts different web sites.

The Common Console by itself provides out of the box commands for the creation of basic platforms, but it is extensible to allow for the creation of more platforms and commands. Its potential resides in the extensibility of the tool.


Install the package with the latest version of composer:

$composer require acquia/contenthub-console
$composer install


Once installed you could create basic platforms:

CommonConsole 0.0.1

  command [options] [arguments]

  -h, --help            Display this help message
  -q, --quiet           Do not output any message
  -V, --version         Display this application version
      --ansi            Force ANSI output
      --no-ansi         Disable ANSI output
  -n, --no-interaction  Do not ask any interactive question
      --uri[=URI]       The url from which to mock a request.
      --bare            Prevents output styling.
  -v|vv|vvv, --verbose  Increase the verbosity of messages: 1 for normal output, 2 for more verbose output and 3 for debug

Available commands:
  help               Displays help for a command
  list               Lists commands
  platform:create    [pc] Create a new platform on which to execute common console commands.
  platform:delete    [pdel] Deletes the specified platform.
  platform:describe  [pd] Obtain more details about a platform.
  platform:list      [pl] List available platforms.
  platform:sites     List available sites registered in the platform.

Extending Common Console

There are different projects that extend this tool to allow for creation of platforms and commands that operate on those platforms: