The easiest way to deploy Symfony applications

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v1.0.6 2020-01-30 07:31 UTC

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EasyDeployBundle is the easiest way to deploy your Symfony applications.


  • Zero dependencies. No Python. No Ruby. No Capistrano. No Ansible. Nothing.
  • Zero configuration files. No YAML. No XML. No JSON. Just pure PHP awesomeness.
  • Multi-server and multi-stage deployment (e.g. "production", "staging", "qa").
  • Zero downtime deployments.
  • Supports Symfony 2.7+, Symfony 3.x and Symfony 4.x applications.
  • Compatible with GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab and your own Git servers.


  • Your local machine: PHP 7.1 or higher and a SSH client.
  • Your remote servers: they allow SSH connections from the local machine.
  • Your application: it can use any version of Symfony (2.7+, 3.x, 4.x).



NOTE EasyDeploy does not "provision" servers (like installing a web server and the right PHP version for your application); use Ansible if you need that. EasyDeploy does not deploy containerized applications: use Kubernetes if you need that.