A block to display a group of promo objects - a small card with an image, headline, short description, and link.

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A block to display a group of promos - a small card with an image, headline, short desciption, and link.

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  • dnadesign/silverstripe-elemental: ^5.0
  • dynamic/silverstripe-elemental-baseobject: ^4.0
  • jonom/focuspoint: ^5


composer require dynamic/silverstripe-elemental-promos


See License


A content block to display a group of promos - a small card with an image, headline, short desciption, and link. Typically this will display 3 to 4 promos per row depending on layout restrictions.

Template Notes

The default templates are based off Bootstrap 5 classes/styling

Screen Shots

Default Template of a Promos Element

Default Template of a Promos Element

CMS - Promos Main Tab

CMS - Promos Block Main Tab

CMS - Promos Block - Promo Edit

CMS - Promos Block - Promos Edit

Upgrading from version 2

Elemental Promos drops sheadawson/silverstripe-linkable usage in favor of gorriecoe/silverstripe-linkfield. To avoid data loss, install the dynamic/silverstripe-link-migrator module as follows:

composer require dynamic/silverstripe-link-migrator

Then, run the task "Linkable to SilverStripe Link Migration" via /dev/tasks, or cli via:

vendor/bin/sake dev/tasks/LinkableMigrationTask

This will populate all of the new Link fields with data from the old class.

Getting more elements

See Elemental modules by Dynamic


See SilverStripe Elemental Configuration


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