Wrapper for Teli API

v0.1-beta 2021-12-09 17:05 UTC


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PHP Library Intended to Interact with Teli's API


composer require dutchie027/teli


Why did I create this API versus using the one Teli provides natively? A few reasons:

  • In my opinion guzzle is WAY more powerful than using the cURL library
  • Most of the Teli calls are GET calls
  • Teli's library exposes the API key in the URI 95% of the time. Sure it's https calls, but that's still asking for trouble


// require the composer library
require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';
require_once 'config.php';

//make the connction to the API for use
$api = new dutchie027\Teli\API(TELI_API_TOKEN, TELI_CALL_API_SID_TOKEN);

// Add custom settings
$api = new dutchie027\Teli\API(TELI_API_TOKEN, TELI_CALL_API_SID_TOKEN, $settings);


The default settings are fine, however you might want to override the defaults or use your own.NOTE: All settings are optional and you don't need to provide any.

Field Type Description Default Value
log_dir string The directory where the log file is stored sys_get_temp_dir()
log_name string The name of the log file that is created in log_dir. If you don't put .log at the end, it will append it 6 random characters + time() + .log
log_tag string If you share this log file with other applications, this is the tag used in the log file vultr
log_level string The level of logging the application will do. This must be either debug, info, notice, warning, critical or error. If it is not one of those values it will fail to the default warning


  • The functions are stubbed out for full feature set of Teli's API, but my main focus ATM is SMS/MMS and Account Management


If you're having problems, spot a bug, or have a feature suggestion, file an issue. If you want, feel free to fork the package and make a pull request. This is a work in progresss as I get more info and further test the API.