DravenCMS Content Management System

v1.0.5 2020-03-30 21:45 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-04-23 09:49:29 UTC


This is a Draven CMS !

How to create new Draven CMS project

The best way to install dravencms/dravencms is using Composer:

composer create-project dravencms/dravencms PROJECT_NAME

or add as depedency to your project

$ composer require dravencms/dravencms

Optional packages

Optional packages can be installed wia composer like this:

$ composer require dravencms/article

and so on...

These packages can be installed for free (OSS)

  • dravencms/article Provides simple article/blog system
  • dravencms/form Provides customizable forms with option to send data on email and into DB
  • dravencms/fag Provides simple FAQ system
  • dravencms/carousel Provides simple image carousel system
  • dravencms/map Provides simple Google Map system
  • dravencms/file Provides files administration
  • dravencms/social Provides simple social tools (FB Buttons etc.)
  • dravencms/seo Provides simple SEO tools (sitemap, robots.txt, etc.)
  • dravencms/file-download Allows simple file download
  • dravencms/gallery Provides simple gallery system
  • dravencms/primitive Provides simple primitive components like Call To Action buttons etc.
  • dravencms/partner Provides simple partner carousel
  • dravencms/structure Privides CMS capabilities, lot of other packages install it as depedency.

Commercial packages

These packages cant be installed withnout payment (To package provider or 3rd party)

  • dravencms/eshop Provides eshop functionality - Contact me if you want to know more
  • dravencms/dravencms-template-bushido Bushido template (You have to have valid licence for Bushido template)
  • dravencms/dravencms-template-college-green College Green template (You have to have valid licence for College Green template)

Work In Progress (WIP) packages

These packages can be installed but are in Work In Progress

  • dravencms/discussion Provides simple discussions
  • dravencms/timeline Shows timeline

You can install these packages by issuing this command in project directory:

composer require dravencms/PACKAGE_NAME


  1. You have to create new database, DravenCMS supports MySQL/MariaDB and PostgreSQL (it may work on other databases supported by doctrine2 like SQLite, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and SAP Sybase SQL)
  2. Copy example configuration cp app/config/config.local.neon.example app/config/config.local.neon
  3. Modify app/config/config.local.neon to match your new database credentials and driver


For installation run these commands

./bin/console orm:s:c
./bin/console orm:default-data:load

If you installed dravencms/structure or any package depended on it, you should run this command to generate default presenters:

./bin/console cms:presenters:generate


For testing and developement you can use build in PHP web server:

php -S localhost:8000 -t www www/index.php

!!! Use Nginx or Apache for production ENV !!!

That should be all, now open http://localhost:8000/admin in your browser and you shoud be able to log in to new DravenCMS installation with:

Username: admin@example.com

Password: adminExample