Automatically always return a response in JSON format

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Json Response for Laravel

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Automatically always return a response in JSON format


To get the latest version of Laravel Json Response, simply require the project using Composer:

composer require dragon-code/laravel-json-response

Or manually update require block of composer.json and run composer update.

    "require": {
        "dragon-code/laravel-json-response": "^2.0"


After you've installed the package via composer, you're done. There's no step two.

This package will automatically register the DragonCode\LaravelJsonResponse\Middlewares\SetHeaderMiddleware middleware in the web and api groups, if they exist. The middleware will add a header Accept that will effectively convert all responses to JSON format. This header will apply to all responses.

If you need to redefine the header for specific groups of routes, you can do this by changing the settings.