A tool to automatically fix Coding Style Standards issues by The Dragon Code.

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the dragon code code styler

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The Dragon Code Styler is an opinionated PHP code style fixer for minimalists. Codestyler is built on top of Laravel Pint and PHP-CS-Fixer, and makes it simple to ensure that your code style stays clean and consistent.

By default, Codestyler does not require any configuration and will fix code style issues in your code by following the opinionated coding style of The Dragon Code based on the PER rule set.



  • PHP: ^8.1
  • Composer: ^2.0


composer global require dragon-code/codestyler


When you run the commands in the base path of the project, the composer.json file will be automatically read, from which the minimum PHP version for your project will be taken.

This is necessary to draw up rules for applying the Codestyler.

For example, if your project supports PHP 8.0 and above, and you use the mkdir($path, 0755) function in it, then applying the rules for PHP 8.0 will break your code because it will replace 0755 with 0o755 (mkdir($path, 0o755)).

To prevent this from happening, we check the minimum PHP version.

Please note that the composer.json file is only read if the script execution is started in the folder with it.


# Check code-style
codestyle --test

# Fix code-style

# Update `.editorconfig`
codestyle editorconfig

# Update Dependabot rules
codestyle dependabot

# Publishes code-style settings for the phpStorm IDE
codestyle phpstorm

# Show list of available commands
codestyle list



The path to fix

codestyle foo/bar


Test for code style errors without fixing them

codestyle --test


The configuration that should be used. The target directory will read the pint.json file from Laravel Pint, minus the style set.

codestyle --config=foo/bar


Allows to set whether risky rules may run:

codestyle --risky --test
codestyle --risky


Only fix files that have uncommitted changes.

codestyle --dirty

Output Format

The output format that should be used.

codestyle --format

List of available formats:

  • checkstyle
  • gitlab
  • json
  • junit
  • txt
  • xml

Help Commands

To view the list of available commands, you can call the console command:

codestyle list

To view extended information on a command, you can use the help option. For example,

codestyle --help
codestyle dependabot --help
codestyle editorconfig --help

GitHub Action

Create a new .github/workflows/code-style.yml file and add the content to it:

name: Code Style

on: [ push, pull_request ]

        runs-on: ubuntu-latest

            -   name: Checkout code
                uses: actions/checkout@v4

            -   name: Code style fix
                uses: TheDragonCode/codestyler@v4
                    # This token uses GitHub Actions to execute code.
                    # Required when `fix` is `true`.
                    # The default value is `${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}`.
                    github_token: ${{ secrets.CODE_STYLE_TOKEN }}

                    # Activates the mode of accepting changes with the creation
                    # of commits.
                    fix: true

                    # Activates the actualization of the `.editorconfig` file.
                    # Works only when the `fix` option is enabled.
                    # By default, true
                    editorconfig: true

                    # Activates Dependabot file processing.
                    # Works only when the `fix` option is enabled.
                    # By default, true
                    dependabot: true

                    # Normalizing `composer.json`.
                    # Works only when the `fix` option is enabled.
                    # By default, true
                    normalize: true

                    # Increase the verbosity of messages for debug
                    # By default, false
                    verbose: true

Since the changes are pushed to the master branch, GitHub can block this action with a security policy.

To solve this problem, you need to be create of your account token and specify it in the Actions secrets section of the repository or organization.

The name of the variable containing the token must be passed to the github_token key.

Simplify Check & Fix

name: Code Style

on: [ push, pull_request ]

permissions: write-all

        runs-on: ubuntu-latest

            -   name: Checkout code
                uses: actions/checkout@v4

            -   name: Detect job name
                id: detect
                run: |
                    NAME=${{ github.event_name == 'push' && github.ref == 'refs/heads/main' && 'Fix' || 'Check' }}

                    echo "name=${NAME}" >> $GITHUB_OUTPUT

            -   name: ${{ steps.detect.outputs.name }} the code style
                uses: TheDragonCode/codestyler@v4
                    github_token: ${{ secrets.COMPOSER_TOKEN }}
                    fix: ${{ github.event_name == 'push' && github.ref == 'refs/heads/main' }}

Other CI/CD

composer global require dragon-code/codestyler

codestyle <command>


After executing the codestyle editorconfig console command, a .editorconfig file will be added to your application. If the file already exists, it will be replaced.

In order for your IDE to read the code style settings from it, make sure its support is enabled in the settings.

For example, in phpStorm the setting is in the File | Settings | Editor | Code Style:


You can also use the codestyle phpstorm console command to publish the schema xml file to phpStorm. You can import this file into the IDE.


By default, the linter scans all files in the current launch folder, except for folders such as vendor, node_modules and .github.

-   uses: TheDragonCode/codestyler@v4

By default, the linter only checks the code-style. If you want to apply the changes, then you need to activate this option:

-   uses: TheDragonCode/codestyler@v4
        github_token: ${{ secrets.CODE_STYLE_TOKEN }}
        fix: true

By default, GitHub Action does not allow versioning, so our project will create a configuration file for it, which will check for new versions once a day.

When Dependabot detects new versions of containers, it will automatically create a PR to your repository. So you don't need to keep track of updates - Dependabot will do everything for you 💪😎

If the .github/dependabot.yml file has already been created, we will check it and add the necessary rules. So don't be afraid, nothing will be deleted 😎


Files will be created only if you have specified fix: true.

Or you can manually run the Dependabot rule creation script by executing the codestyle dependabot command.


This package is licensed under the MIT License.