On-the-fly generated web images for your Nette app

2.0.0 2015-02-25 23:13 UTC



1) Copy source codes from Github or using Composer:

$ composer require dotblue/nette-webimages

2) Register as Configurator's extension:

    webimages: DotBlue\WebImages\Extension


This addon gives you power to automatically generate different sized versions of images throughout your app. When browser will request new version of image, application will generate it and save it to its requested destination, so that in next HTTP request, your server will just serve existing file.

To enable this, modify your .htaccess:

# front controller
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule !\.(pdf|js|ico|gif|css|rar|zip|tar\.gz)$ index.php [L]


First, you have to define your DotBlue\WebImages\IProvider implementation. Its responsibility is to generate new version of image using Nette\Image. Check examples for inspiration - the only required method getImage should return Nette\Image instance of queried image.

When you have it, register it in configuration:

        - <name of your class>

Secondly you have to specify route where your images will be available. Central point of the route is id parameter, which should uniquely identify your image. Lets setup simple route:

        - images/<id>-<width>x<height>.jpg

By default all these routes will be prepended before your other routes - assuming you use Nette\Application\Routers\RouteList as your root router. You can disable this by setting prependRoutesToRouter: false. Then it's your responsibility to plug webimages router (service webimages.router) to your routing implementation.

Addon gives you new macro n:src. Now you're ready to use it.

<img n:src="foo, 200, 150">

This will result in following HTML:

<img src="/images/foo-200x150.jpg">

Creation of this file will handle your implementation of DotBlue\WebImages\IProvider.


To toggle secured route flag use following syntax in your configuration:

        - mask: images/<id>-<width>x<height>.jpg
          secured: true