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8.2.0 2020-07-27 18:32 UTC


Cloud Orchestrator is a distribution for cloud administrators and operators. This distribution can manage resources from cloud providers such as AWS EC2, Kubernetes and OpenStack.

Out of the box, the distribution provides management for AWS EC2, Kubernetes(8.x-2.0), OpenStack(8.x-2.0), AWS VPC/Networking and granular user permissions.

Cloud Orchestrator's core functionality is built using the Cloud module.

Installing Cloud Orchestrator using Composer

The recommended way to install Cloud Orchestrator is using Composer.

composer create-project docomoinnovations/cloud_orchestrator cloud_orchestrator

To try out 8.x-2.0 use the following command.

composer create-project docomoinnovations/cloud_orchestrator:8.2.0 cloud_orchestrator

After the composer project is created, point your web server to cloud_orchestrator/docroot. Then run the normal Drupal installer.

Installing Cloud Orchestrator using AWS CloudFormation template

Alternatively, you can use the AWS CloudFormation Template to launch the Cloud Orchestrator stack on AWS EC2.

After the stack is built, check that the build script has completed by logging into your instance with SSH using the SSHAccess value under the Outputs tab. Follow the build script progress with tail -f /var/log/cloud-init-output.log. The build script takes about 10 minutes to complete.

When the script has completed, click on the DrupalUrl under the Outputs tab. Follow the standard Drupal installation process.


Issues are tracked on Please do not submit support requests through GitHub.

Known Issues