Converts GND PICA into Wikibase items

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PHP library that provides services to convert GND items in PICA+ format to a structure ready for import into Wikibase.

GND Wikibase Converter was created by Professional.Wiki for the German National Library.

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This library can be used in your projects via the Composer dependency manager.

The package name is dnb/wikibase-converter. Minimal example of a composer.json file:

    "require": {
        "dnb/wikibase-converter": "~1.0"


PICA+ JSON to Wikibase-like data structure

use DNB\WikibaseConverter\PicaConverter;
$gndItem = PicaConverter::newWithDefaultMapping()->picaJsonToGndItem( $string );

$gndItem->getStatementsForProperty( 'P123' );


Start by installing the project dependencies by executing

composer update

You can run the tests by executing

make test

You can run the style checks by executing

make cs

To run all CI checks, execute

make ci

You can also invoke PHPUnit directly to pass it arguments, as follows

vendor/bin/phpunit --filter SomeClassNameOrFilter

Release notes

Version 0.1.0

Under development