Laravel Integration With CloudFlare API

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Cloudflare API version 4

Follow Cloudflare SDK (v4 API Binding for PHP 7) This repository is currently under development, additional classes and endpoints being actively added.

Getting Started

$key     = new Cloudflare\API\Auth\APIKey('user@example.com', 'apiKey');
$adapter = new Cloudflare\API\Adapter\Guzzle($key);
$user    = new Cloudflare\API\Endpoints\User($adapter);

echo $user->getUserID();


Require using composer

composer require diepxuan/laravel-cloudflare


The recommended way to install this package is via the Packagist Dependency Manager (cloudflare/sdk). You can get specific usage examples on the Cloudflare Knowledge Base under: Cloudflare PHP API Binding

In Laravel 5.5, and above, the package will auto-register the service provider. In Laravel 5.4 you must install this service provider.

About this package

Build Status Cloudflare SDK (v4 API Binding for PHP 7)

Cloudflare API version 4

The Cloudflare API can be found here. Each API call is provided via a similarly named function within various classes in the Cloudflare\API\Endpoints namespace:


Licensed under the 3-clause BSD license. See the LICENSE file for details.