Bugsnag Notifier for Laminas


Bugsnag Notifier for Laminas Framework

This package is a fork of itakademy/laminas-bugsnag which is a fork of nickurt/zf-bugsnag. We forked it to our own organization to remove older compatibility that makes it easier to update dependencies and code. Thanks to both of these projects for the foundation work.


The Bugsnag Notifier for Laminas Framework gives you instant notifications of the errors in your application. You can create a free plan/account on the bugsnag website.


Installation with composer

php composer.phar require diablomedia/laminas-bugsnag

or with global composer install :

composer require diablomedia/laminas-bugsnag


Post Installation

Enable it in your ./config/modules.config.php file


// modules.config.php
return [
    'LaminasBugsnag', // Must be added as the first module

    // ...


Copy the ./vendor/diablomedia/laminas-bugsnag/config/laminasbugsnag.local.php.dist file to ./config/autoload/laminasbugsnag.local.php and customize the settings (IsEnabled, ApiKey, ...).