A CLI tool for Devyzer to deploy local projects online.




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Devyzer CLI

Devyzer deploys your php laravel projects instantly into Silos (an online sandbox that is accessible anywhere) with minimal efforts.

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What is Devyzer?

Devyzer is a developer-first cloud-native deployment tool. It will help you deploy your projects on sandboxes for testing and demo purposes. Devyzer supports now Laravel, and more is on the way!

Learn more about what Devyzer can do and sign up for a free account »

What is Devyzer CLI?

Devyzer CLI brings the functionality of Devyzer into your local development environment. It can be run locally or in your CI/CD pipeline to deploy or run your Laravel projects on the cloud instantly in addition to watch and sync your local changes with your Silo's version.

Supported languages and tools

Devyzer supports Laravel framework with php versions (8.0|7.4|7.3|7.2|7.1|5.7). more languages and tools will be supported soon

Install Devyzer CLI

Devyzer CLI can be installed through multiple channels.

Install with composer

composer global require devyzer/cli

Standalone executables

Use Gitlab Releases to download a standalone executable of Devyzer CLI for your platform.

Devyzer CLI in a Docker image

Devyzer CLI can also be run from a Docker image. Devyzer offers multiple Docker images under devyzer/cli. This images wrap the Devyzer CLI.

To run devyzer via docker :

  docker run -it --rm
      -v "<PROJECT_DIRECTORY>:/app"
      -v "config:/root/.devyzer"
    devyzer/cli:latest <DEVYZER_COMMAND> 

if you want to use your current working directory then replace <PROJECT_DIRECTORY> with ${PWD} for linux and %cd% for windows.

Getting started with Devyzer CLI

Once you installed the Devyzer CLI, you can verify it's working by running:


See the full Snyk CLI help.

Authenticating Devyzer CLI

Devyzer CLI depends on APIs. Connect your Devyzer CLI with by running:

devyzer login

Add Devyzer to your CI/CD

You can authorize Devyzer CLI in your CI/CD programmatically:

devyzer login --key=<Your API KEY>
devyzer deploy

Getting support

If you need support using Devyzer CLI, please contact support.

We do not actively monitor GitHub Issues so any issues there may go unnoticed.


If you are an external contributor, before working on any contributions, please first contact support to discuss the issue or feature request with us.


For any security issues or concerns, please see file in this repository.


Devyzer API usage policy

The use of Devyzer's API, whether through the use of the 'devyzer' npm package or otherwise, is subject to the Terms & Conditions.

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