Yii2 integration for AirBnB Polyglot.js

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Polyglot.js is a tiny and powerful JavaScript i18n library from Airbnb.

This is a yii2-extension that helps integrating polyglot.js into your yii2 application.


First install extension through composer:

php composer.phar require --prefer-dist devgroup/yii2-polyglot

Create directory where you will place your translation js files. For example, if we our app is based on yii2-app-advanced - create directory common/polyglot.js/.

Now create your js translation files under this directory. Naming format is common/polyglot.js/%LANGUAGE%.js, where %LANGUAGE% is your Yii::$app->language, for example common/polyglot.js/ru-RU.js.

An example of js file contents(:en: version file common/polyglot.js/en-US.js:

  "nav": {
    "hello": "Hello",
    "hello_name": "Hello, %{name}",
    "sidebar": {
      "welcome": "Welcome"

And an example for 🇷🇺 version file common/polyglot.js/ru-RU.js:

  "nav": {
    "hello": "Привет",
    "hello_name": "Привет, %{name}",
    "sidebar": {
      "welcome": "Бобро пожаловать"

Now add a special yii2 application param PolyglotTranslationPath with your js translation path as value into your config file(ie. common/config/params.php):

return [
    'adminEmail' => '',
    'supportEmail' => '',
    'user.passwordResetTokenExpire' => 3600,
     * This is a path where your js translation files are stored
     * You can use yii2 aliases here(@app, @common, etc.)
    'PolyglotTranslationPath' => '@common/polyglot.js'

And the final thing is to register CurrentTranslation inside your layout view or add it as AssetBundle dependency.

For adding CurrentTranslation into your view just add the one line into views/layouts/main.php near your AppAsset::register call:


For adding CurrentTranslation as dependency for your AppAssetBundle modify your assets/AppAsset.php:


namespace frontend\assets;

use yii\web\AssetBundle;

class AppAsset extends AssetBundle
    public $sourcePath = '@frontend/assets/dist/';

    public $css = [
    public $js = [
    public $depends = [
        /// !!! This is a dependency to CurrentTranslation !!!

That's it. Now on every request you will get:

  1. Polyglot.js will be included in HEAD section of your HTML
  2. Global polyglot variable will be initialized with current locale(Yii::$app->language).
  3. Translation file based on app language will be added dynamically right after <body> tag.

Now you can use Polyglot.js as it is described in official documentation:

=> "Бобро пожаловать"