Provides an cache interface for several adapters Apc, Apcu, File, Mongo, Memcache, Memcached, Mysql, Mongo, Redis is supported.

v3.0.2 2022-03-27 23:04 UTC


A simple cache library, implementing the PSR-16 standard using immutable objects.


Caching is typically used throughout an applicatiton. Immutability ensure that modifying the cache behaviour in one location doesn't result in unexpected behaviour due to changes in unrelated code.

Desarolla2 Cache aims to be the most complete, correct and best performing PSR-16 implementation available.

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composer require desarrolla2/cache


use Desarrolla2\Cache\Memory as Cache;

$cache = new Cache();

$value = $cache->get('key');

if (!isset($value)) {
    $value = do_something(); 
    $cache->set('key', $value, 3600);

echo $value;


The following implementation allows you to combine cache adapters.


You can set options for cache using the withOption or withOptions method. Note that all cache objects are immutable, setting an option creates a new object.


All cache implementations support the ttl option. This sets the default time (in seconds) that cache will survive. It defaults to one hour (3600 seconds).

Setting the TTL to 0 or a negative number, means the cache should live forever.


PSR-16 methods

Each cache implementation has the following Psr\SimpleCache\CacheInterface methods:

get(string $key [, mixed $default])

Retrieve the value corresponding to a provided key

has(string $key)

Retrieve the if value corresponding to a provided key exist

set(string $key, mixed $value [, int $ttl])

Add a value to the cache under a unique key

delete(string $key)

Delete a value from the cache


Clear all cache

getMultiple(array $keys)

Obtains multiple cache items by their unique keys

setMultiple(array $values [, int $ttl])

Persists a set of key => value pairs in the cache

deleteMultiple(array $keys)

Deletes multiple cache items in a single operation

Additional methods

The Desarrolla2\Cache\CacheInterface also has the following methods:

withOption(string $key, string $value)

Set option for implementation. Creates a new instance.

withOptions(array $options)

Set multiple options for implementation. Creates a new instance.

getOption(string $key)

Get option for implementation.


Cache objects typically hold a Desarrolla2\Cache\Packer\PackerInterface object. By default, packing is done using serialize and unserialize.

Available packers are:

  • SerializePacker using serialize and unserialize
  • JsonPacker using json_encode and json_decode
  • NopPacker does no packing
  • MongoDBBinaryPacker using serialize and unserialize to store as BSON Binary

PSR-16 incompatible packers

The JsonPacker does not fully comply with PSR-16, as packing and unpacking an object will probably not result in an object of the same class.

The NopPacker is intended when caching string data only (like HTML output) or if the caching backend supports structured data. Using it when storing objects will might give unexpected results.


Daniel González Twitter: @desarrolla2
Arnold Daniels Twitter: @ArnoldDaniels