The Laravel Private Multi-Tenancy Framework.



This project use Laravel as a based framework. It built to anyone who plan to build private multi-tenancy architecture with repository pattern. If you weren't familiar with repository pattern, I suggest you to learn it before you jump to this project. One of the best learning resource is already in

Why Laravel

Laravel is a web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax. Laravel is accessible, powerful, and provides tools required for large, robust applications.

Laravel has the most extensive and thorough documentation and video tutorial library of all modern web application frameworks, making it a breeze to get started with the framework.

If you don't feel like reading, Laracasts can help. Laracasts contains over 1400 video tutorials on a range of topics including Laravel, modern PHP, unit testing, and JavaScript. Boost your skills by digging into our comprehensive video library.

Laravel Version

This project use Laravel version 5.8.24


See Wiki for the documentation.