A set of related helpers to kick-start WordPress development.


Contributors: Antonius Hegyes, Deep Web Solutions GmbH
Requires at least: 5.5
Tested up to: 5.9
Requires PHP: 7.4
Stable tag: 1.7.2
License: GPLv3 or later
License URI:


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A set of helpers to kick-start WordPress development. This package is designed to contain small, helpful, static snippets that can be reused throughout different projects.


Documentation for this module and the rest of the DWS WP Framework can be found here.


The package is designed to be installed via Composer. It may work as a stand-alone but that is not officially supported. The package's name is deep-web-solutions/wp-framework-helpers.

If the package will be used outside a composer-based installation, e.g. inside a regular WP plugin, you should install using the --ignore-platform-reqs option. If you don't do that, the bundled DWS WordPress Framework - Bootstrapper package will only be able to perform checks for the WordPress version because composer will throw an error in case of an incompatible PHP version.


Contributions both in the form of bug-reports and pull requests are more than welcome!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will you support earlier versions of WordPress and PHP?

Unfortunately not. PHP 7.3 is close to EOL (March 2021), and we consider 7.4 to provide a few features that are absolutely amazing. Moreover, WP 5.5 introduced a few new features that we really want to use as well, and we consider it to be one of the first versions of WordPress to have packed a more-or-less mature version of Gutenberg.

If you're using older versions of either one, you should really consider upgrading at least for security reasons.

  • Is this bug-free?

Hopefully yes, probably not. If you found any problems, please raise an issue on Github!


1.7.1, 1.7.2 (February 11th, April 14th 2022)

  • Removed the usage of deprecated FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING filter.
  • Added new helper for converting between a filesystem path and a website URL.
  • Fixed: bug in Misc::wp_parse_args_recursive when the default is an array but the passed on argument isn't.
  • Small overall performance tweaks.

1.7.0 (January 13th, 2022)

  • Updated hooks to conform to new format in the rest of the framework.
  • Renamed WP_Users::logout_user to WP_Users::logout for consistency.
  • Improved upon the Request::is_type method inline with WC deprecations in 6.0.
  • Introduced a new helper class for working with constants.
  • Enhanced the Misc::wp_parse_args_recursive helper.
  • Enhanced the Misc::get_midnight_unix_timestamp helper.
  • AssetsHelpersTrait no longer automatically includes the FilesystemAwareTrait.
  • Inverted the parameter order of Strings::replace_placeholders for consistency.
  • Better handling of error for the Objects helpers.
  • Added more automated testing.

1.6.0, 1.6.1 (December 2nd, December 10th, 2021)

  • Removed Assets::wrap_string_in_style_tags and Assets::wrap_string_in_script_tags helpers.
  • Added methods Assets::maybe_get_minified_path and Assets::maybe_get_mtime_version.
  • Better filesystem detection for assets helpers.

1.5.4, 1.5.5, 1.5.6 (November 16th, November 22nd, November 24th 2021)

  • Strings::maybe_cast returns default if string is null.
  • Users::get supports guests.
  • Added new polyfill Arrays::is_list.

1.4.6, 1.5.0, 1.5.1, 1.5.2 , 1.5.3(October 27th, October 28th, October 29th, November 1st, November 3rd, 2021)

  • Users::has_roles default logical operator is now 'or'.
  • Users::has_roles and Users::has_capabilities now also accept a string as a first parameter.
  • Fixed Strings::maybe_cast wrong placement of parenthesis.
  • Files::has_extension now uses the newly-introduced Strings::maybe_prefix helper.
  • Make use of wp_normalize_path for better support of cross-OS website migrations.
  • RequestTypesEnum was removed. Use strings.
  • Moved the WordPress subnamespace one level up.
  • Asset handle and hook tag extras can now be a single string as well.
  • Enhanced the asset helpers trait.

1.4.2, 1.4.3, 1.4.4, 1.4.5 (September 9th, September 15th, September 18th, September 23rd, 2021)

  • Special handling for trying to cast a null to boolean. Now it will return the default instead of false.
  • Made coding rules exceptions more specific.
  • Improved REST API detection to remove false positives on AJAX requests.
  • Added new helpful string helpers.
  • Fixed the default of Strings::maybe_cast.

1.4.1 (August 19th, 2021)

  • Changed the joining separator for hooks tags.

1.4.0 (May 28th, 2021)

  • New validation & sanitization API.
  • Most old validation API has been renamed to casting.
  • Added array validation.
  • Replaced all references to sprintf with wp_sprintf.
  • Fixed some bugs in the Users class.
  • Overall performance tweaks.

1.3.2, 1.3.3 (May 25th, 2021)

  • Added more security helpers.
  • Tweaked validation helpers.
  • Added defaults for the $default argument for validation helpers.

1.3.1 (May 22rd, 2021)

  • Tweaked data type resolvers to handle more cases.
  • Added string validation helpers.

1.3.0 (May 21nd, 2021)

  • Added new data type helpers for resolving a value from a potential callable.

1.2.1 (April 23rd, 2021)

  • Migrated from Travis CI to Github Actions.
  • Documentation updates.

1.2.0 (April 11th, 2021)

  • Added new object helpers for working with trait inheritance.
  • Helper Objects::class_uses_deep_list are now guaranteed to return the traits in declaration order top-bottom.
  • The helper Objects::class_uses_deep now returns a tree-like structure of the inheritance pattern.

1.1.2 (April 9th, 2021)

  • Updated development tools.

1.1.1 (April 2nd, 2021)

  • Updated version constant.

1.1.0 (April 2nd, 2021)

  • Improved safe-string formation.
  • Added more string transformation helpers.

1.0.2 (March 19th, 2021)

  • Created an export of all used WP functions and classes.
  • Tweaked development tools configurations.
  • Added some missing ABSPATH guards and backslashes to disambiguate global namespace references.
  • Enhanced an arrays helper (edge-case).

1.0.1 (March 16th, 2021)

  • Tweaked the dws_wp_framework_get_helpers_init_status function.

1.0.0 (March 16th, 2021)

  • First official release.