Potent PSR-11 depdency injection container

v0.2.15 2024-04-26 17:19 UTC



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Potent PSR-11 dependency injection container for PHP

Pandora offers all of the usual benefits of a solid DI container structure with some extra majic juju sprinkled in.

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composer require decodelabs/pandora


Instantiate a new Container to keep your important objects organised:

use DecodeLabs\Pandora\Container;

$container = new Container();

Bind instances or classes to interfaces and retrieve them when you need them:

use My\Library\CoolInterface;
use My\Library\CoolImplementation; // Implements CoolInterface

// Instance
$container->bind(CoolInterface::class, new CoolImplementation());
$imp = $container->get(CoolInterface::class);

// Reused class
$container->bind(CoolInterface::class, CoolImplementation::class);
// Creates a new instace every call
$imp = $container->get(CoolInterface::class);

// Shared class
$container->bindShared(CoolInterface::class, CoolImplementation::class);
// Stores created instance and returns that each call
$imp = $container->get(CoolInterface::class);

// Locked instance - will only bind if CoolInterface has not been bound before
$container->bindLocked(CoolInterface::class, new CoolImplementation());
$imp = $container->get(CoolInterface::class);

// Bind a factory
$container->bind(CoolInterface::class, function($container) {
    return new CoolImplementation();

Groups allow for multiple instances to be bound to one interface:

// Group multiple bindings
$container->bindToGroup(CoolInterface::class, new CoolImplementation(1));
$container->bindToGroup(CoolInterface::class, new CoolImplementation(2));
$container->bindToGroup(CoolInterface::class, new CoolImplementation(3));
$group = $container->getGroup(CoolInterface::class); // Contains 3 Implementations

$container->each(CoolInterface::class, function($instance, $container) {
    // Do something with each instance

Aliases can be useful when retrieving objects without repeating the interface:

// Aliased instance
$container->bind(CoolInterface::class, new CoolImplementation())
$imp = $container->get('cool.thing');

// Or
$container->registerAlias(CoolInterface::class, 'cool.thing');
$container->bind(CoolInterface::class, CoolImplementation::class);
$imp = $container->get('cool.thing');


Parameters can be passed to constructors of implementation classes:

$imp = $container->getWith(CoolInterface::class, ['list', 'of', 'params']);

// Or inject parameters for later:
$container->inject(CoolInterface::class, 'paramName', 'paramValue');
$imp = $container->get(CoolInterface::class);

Containers also have ArrayAccess aliased to get / bind / has / remove:

$imp = $container[CoolInterface::class];

if(isset($container[CoolInterface::class])) {

Access the binding controllers with member names:

$binding = $container->{CoolInterface::class};

// Or
$binding = $container->getBinding(CoolInterface::class);


React to events on the container:

$container->afterResolving(CoolInterface::class, function($instance, $container) {
    // Prepare instance

$container->afterRebinding(CoolInterface::class, function($instance, $container) {
    // Prepare instance again

// Triggers resolve callback once
$imp = $container->get(CoolInterface::class);

// Triggers rebinding callback
$container->bind(CoolInterface::class, new AnotherImplementation());

Service providers

Implement the Provider interface and register it for lazy loaded mass-bindings with virtually no overhead:

use DecodeLabs\Pandora\Provider;
use DecodeLabs\Pandora\Container;

class CoolService implements Provider {

    public static function getProvidedServices(): array {
        return [

    public function registerServices(Container $container): void {
        $container->bindShared(CoolInterface::class, CoolImplementation::class)

        // Create factory closure
        $container->bind(OtherInterface::class, function($container) {
            return new class implements OtherInterface {

                public function hello(): string {
                    return 'world';



Pandora is licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for the full license text.