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Blog write with Codeigniter v4dev

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I created this blog system with the help of codeigniter v4, thank you for being lenient I'm not a professional developer, this system just helps me to learn more deeply codeigniter but also are style, feel free to help me in this project and tell me what goes and what doesn't go well.

Installation (An automatic installation will come later on)

First of all, configure the file .env to the root of the folder.

Then execute the following commands :

  • PHP
    • Normal
      •   composer install
          php spark migrate:latest
          php spark db:seed DatabaseSeeder
          php spark serve -host
    • Docker
      •   docker-compose build && docker-compose up -d
          ./docker/composer install
          ./docker/console spark migrate:latest
          ./docker/console spark db:seed DatabaseSeeder
  • Theme
    •   npm install
        npm run theme:build

Go to

Admin access

Then go to the link of your blog and added "/admin/" the identifiers are:

Themes and languages

  • Themes : To modify or add a new theme, this can be found in the folder: resources/themes/ & resources/assets/.
  • Language : To modify or add a new language, this can be found in the folder: resources/Languages/.

Server Requirements

PHP version 7.1 or newer is required, with the intl extension installed. Why 7.1?

A database is required for most web application programming. Currently supported databases are:

  • MySQL (5.1+) via the MySQLi driver
  • PostgreSQL via the Postgre driver

More information : Codeigniter4 User Guide


For any problems or suggestions created a new issue (By checking that this issue has not already been created)


Don't hesitate to help this project, to improve it to make it grow, even constructive criticism helps.

TODO (Open to all suggestions)

  • Add theme management
  • Add Users management
  • Add translation in admin
  • Add Tags manager (WIP)
  • Add installer (and automatic update system)
  • Add feed system
  • Update configuration admin
  • Optimise SEO
  • Optimise AJAX
  • Clean rewriting of the css/js
  • Create Docs
  • Create demo
  • Move translate folder template