A full-fledged Orlex distribution with nice extras

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Orlex Standard Distribution

The Orlex Standard Distribution is a project installable through Composer that provides a skeleton application utilizing Orlex as well as projects like Twig and Symfony Forms.


The easiest installation is via composer. After installing composer simply run the following in your command line:

php composer.phar create-project dcousineau/orlex-standard path/to/install

Composer will download a copy of this project into the path/to/install and setup all of its dependencies. Aftewards you will be ready to slam out code for your project!


Orlex Standard provides sample code found in the src/ directory. To remove all traces of sample code, first completely remove the src/App/ directory, then update config/web.php line 11 to point to a proper controller directory.


The standard distribution reads an environment variable to determin debug mode. If you're using Apache, adding a SetEnv directive to either your vhost or .htaccess (not recommended) will allow you to control the environment setting. For example:


In your vhost definition will ensure Silex's debug mode is enabled. You can also develop your application to respect environment by referencing $app['environment'].