Helps you install the appropriate browser driver.


This command-line tool helps you install browser drivers. A common use-case is to install a browser driver to run your functional test suite.


While running automated testing tools in CI, you might currently install the latest version of your browser and browser driver. These can become out-of-sync (for example: a new driver is released, but the matching browser is only released a few days later).

This tool installs a driver for you that will always work with your installed browser.



Install with phive install bdi or phive install dbrekelmans/browser-driver-installer.

Run with tools/bdi <command>.

See https://github.com/phar-io/phive for information about phive itself.


Install with composer require --dev dbrekelmans/bdi.

Run with vendor/bin/bdi <command> or vendor/bin/bdi.phar <command>

To prevent dependency conflicts, dbrekelmans/bdi is a PHAR-only distribution. You can install the package including dependencies with composer require --dev dbrekelmans/browser-driver-installer

Download PHAR

You can download the PHAR directly from the github releases page.

Run with bdi.phar <command>.


Run bdi or bdi detect to automatically detect your installed browsers and install the corresponding drivers.

If you want to install any working driver for a specific browser, run bdi browser:<browser-name>. If you want to install a specific driver, run bdi driver:<driver-name> (defaults to the latest version. Use --driver-version=<version> to install a different version).

For a full list of available commands, run bdi list.

Supported drivers

  • chromedriver
  • geckodriver

Supported browsers

  • google-chrome
  • chromium
  • firefox