GitLab pending merge requests overview

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MrCli checks your gitlab instance for pending merge requests.

Get an overview about the total number of pending mr's by approvers and projects, list mr's for your own, your colleagues or multiple projects.


Install the latest version with

$ composer global require danielpieper/mrcli


mrcli is configured using environment variables. The GITLAB_TOKEN is required. Create a token with the api scope:

GITLAB_URL= # optional, set for on-premise installations
GITLAB_TOKEN=<gitlab token> # create gitlab token with api access:
SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL=<slack webhook url> # optional
SLACK_CHANNEL=<slack channel name, for example #merge_requests> # optional

Basic Usage

mrcli overview
mrcli project <project names separated by space>
mrcli approver <approver name, leave empty for your mr's>



  • MrCli works with PHP 7.1 or above


Daniel Pieper -


MrCli is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details