Dacorp Extra Bundle

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Last update: 2023-05-27 07:43:17 UTC


Collection of services, helper, and standard view for standard services you want to use in any kind of website.

It's a Work in Progress mainly used for other project. You can browse the repository, but I would not recommend you to use it unless you know what you want ;)

This branch (master) supports PUGXMultuUserBundle master, FOSUserBundle master and Symfony master.

The branch (1.0) supports PUGXMultuUserBundle 2.0, FOSUserBundle 2.0 and Symfony >=2.1, <2.4.

Some of the feature included :

  • Image Uploader Service : Integration of Punkave Image Uploader as a service tight to a generic Media Model (plan to update to https://github.com/1up-lab/OneupUploaderBundle)
  • Simple README functionality included by default on demand (usually dev environment only is fine) : give you a page with a html rendered version of the README.md Markdown file located in the root of your Project
  • Manage metas for twitter cards and open graph
  • Provide switch lang feature (routes, knpmenu action, and Handler)

##Using the ImageUploader Service:

include the default uploader {% include "DacorpExtraBundle:Common:file-upload-control.html.twig" %}

Twig extension to manage metas

Support Twitter Card and Facebook Open graph Meta in a simple way with Twig extension.

Add global twig variables for specific data

####Define specific account data in parameters.yml.dist parameters: facebook_app_id: XXX twitter_widget_id: XXX twitter_default_account: XXX

####Update globals twig: globals: facebook_app_id: %facebook_app_id% twitter_default_account: %twitter_default_account%

####Call twig extension within twig template

partner is an entity which has all needed informations to generate basic open graph meta and basic twitter card (only restaurant.restaurant supported for now).

{% block head_meta %}
    {{ allMetas({'title': partner.title, 'description':partner.description,
    'url': path('get_partner', { 'alias': partner.alias }) , 'object':partner, 'images': partner.partnerMedias}) }}
{% endblock %}

##Using the switch lang feature

Add the route

##Using some extended mopa forms

We extends the mopa form widget with some updated widgets. Have a look to Resources/views/Form/fields.html.twig

And setup mopa to use that form field definition file

        templating:           DacorpExtraBundle:Form:fields.html.twig

##Some useful services ###ymlFileManager: service for loading ymlFile as array

namespace YourCorp\CoreBundle\Services\Manager;

use Dacorp\ExtraBundle\Services\YmlFileManager;

class YmlRankedListManager
     * @var YmlFileManager
    private $ymlFileManager;

    public function __construct(YmlFileManager $ymlFileManager)
        $this->ymlFileManager = $ymlFileManager;
    # inject the serice "dacorp.manager.yml_file" in your service and use it like this
    public function loadYmlRankedList($fileName='default_ranked_list.yml')
        $dataArray = $this->ymlFileManager->loadYmlFile($fileName);
        $dataArray = $this->ymlFileManager->loadYmlFile($fileName);
        foreach ($dataArray as $key => $data) {
            // do stuff with data