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A Index Storage Extension for Pimcore Dynamic Search. Store data with the PHP Lucene index service.


  • Pimcore >= 5.8 | >= 6.0
  • Pimcore Dynamic Search

Basic Setup

                service: 'lucene'
                    database_name: 'my_lucene_storage'

Provider Options

Name Default Value Description
database_name null
force_adding_document true
analyzer []

Index Fields

Available Index Fields:

Name Description
binary Binary fields are not tokenized or indexed, but are stored for retrieval with search hits. They can be used to store any data encoded as a binary string, such as an image icon.
keyword Keyword fields are stored and indexed, meaning that they can be searched as well as displayed in search results. They are not split up into separate words by tokenization.
text Text fields are stored, indexed, and tokenized. Text fields are appropriate for storing information like subjects and titles that need to be searchable as well as returned with search results.
unIndexed UnIndexed fields are not searchable, but they are returned with search hits. Database timestamps, primary keys, file system paths, and other external identifiers are good candidates for UnIndexed fields.
unStored UnStored fields are tokenized and indexed, but not stored in the index. Large amounts of text are best indexed using this type of field. Storing data creates a larger index on disk, so if you need to search but not redisplay the data, use an UnStored field.

Output Channel Services


Identifier: lucene_autocomplete
Available Options:

Name Default Value Description
min_prefix_length 3
use_fuzzy_term_search_fallback true
fuzzy_similarity 0.5


Identifier: lucene_suggestions
Available Options:

Name Default Value Description
min_prefix_length 3
result_limit 10
only_last_word_wildcard false
multiple_words_operator 'OR'
restrict_search_fields []
restrict_search_fields_operator 'OR'


Identifier: lucene_search
Available Options:

Name Default Value Description
min_prefix_length 3
max_per_page 10

Multi Search

Identifier: lucene_multi_search
Available Options: none



Identifier: relations
Available Options:

Name Default Value Allowed Type Description
identifier null string
value null string
label null string, null
show_in_frontend true bool
relation_label null closure, null

Output Normalizer

A Output Normalizer can be defined for each output channel.


Available Options:

Name Default Value Description
skip_fields []

Further Information