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Dynamic Search Schema

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2.x 10.0 - 10.5 ^5.4 19.12.2021 Yes (Bugs, Features) master
1.x 6.6 - 6.9 ^4.4 18.04.2021 No 1.x


The Dynamic Search Bundle allows you to redefine your search strategy. It's based on several data- and index providers.


There are several data- and index providers available:

Data Provider

Index Provider

  • Lucene Search | Use the php lucene index. Not super-fast but comes without any dependencies but php
  • Elastic Search | Index data with an elasticsearch instance.
  • Open Search | Index data with an opensearch instance.


"require" : {
    "dachcom-digital/dynamic-search" : "~2.0.0"

Installation via Extension Manager

After you have installed the Dynamic Search Bundle via composer, open pimcore backend and go to Tools => Extension:

  • Click the green + Button in Enable / Disable row
  • Click the green + Button in Install/Uninstall row

Installation via CLI

  • Execute: $ bin/console pimcore:bundle:enable DynamicSearchBundle
  • Execute: $ bin/console pimcore:bundle:install DynamicSearchBundle


  • Execute: $ bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate --prefix 'DynamicSearchBundle\Migrations'

Provider Installation

You need at least one data- and one index provider. They have to be installed separately. Please check out install instruction of each provider (see list above).

Add Routes

# config/routes.yaml
    resource: '@DynamicSearchBundle/Resources/config/pimcore/routing/frontend_routing.yml'

Dispatch Dynamic Search

After you've added a definition, you're ready to start the engine. Always use the verbose -v flag, otherwise you won't get any process information about the ongoing data / index providing process.

$ bin/console dynamic-search:run -v

Further Information


Copyright and License

Copyright: DACHCOM.DIGITAL For licensing details please visit LICENSE.md

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