A PHP client library that consumes Magento's REST and XMLRPC APIs

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Provides a client library to make REST and XMLRPC calls to a Magento instance.


Magento Client Library For PHP can be installed with Composer by adding it as a dependency to your project's composer.json file.

    "require": {
        "cpliakas/magento-client-php": "*"

After running php composer.phar update on the command line, include the autoloader in your PHP scripts so that the SDK classes are made available.

require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';

Please refer to Composer's documentation for more detailed installation and usage instructions.



The following example returns a list of products with SKUs that start with "123":

use Magento\Client\Xmlrpc\MagentoXmlrpcClient;

$client = MagentoXmlrpcClient::factory(array(
    'base_url' => 'http://magentohost',
    'api_user' => 'api.user',
    'api_key'  => 'some.private.key',

$filters = array(
    'sku' => array('like' => '123%'),

$result = $client->call('catalog_product.list', array($filters));


The following example returns a list of products:

use Magento\Client\Rest\MagentoRestClient;

$client = MagentoRestClient::factory(array(
    'base_url'        => 'http://magentohost',
    'consumer_key'    => 'abc123...',
    'consumer_secret' => 'def456...',
    'token'           => 'ghi789...',
    'token_secret'    => 'jkl012...',

$result = $client->get('/api/rest/products')->send()->json();

Refer to Guzzle's documentation for more information on sending requests to the server.