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The simplest way to define your release process.


  • Automatically version bumping for Composer, Onion, PHPDoc or Class constant.
  • Support version parsing from PHPDoc or class const.
  • Git tagging, pushing.
  • Simplest config.


$ curl -OLSs
$ chmod +x phprelease
$ mv phprelease /usr/bin

Including phprelease in your project

Simplfy run composer require to include the package:

composer require --dev corneltek/phprelease


Create phprelease.ini config file by a simple command:

$ phprelease init

The above command creates a phprelease.ini config file, you can also edit it by yourself:

Steps = PHPUnit, BumpVersion, GitTag, GitPush, GitPushTags

The release steps may contains script files, you can simply insert the script path and phprelease will run it for you. the return code 0 means we are going to the next step.

Steps = BumpVersion, scripts/compile, GitTag

Then, to release your package, simply type:

$ phprelease

Bumping Version

To bump major version and do release:

$ phprelease --bump-major
===> Bumping version from 2.2.3 => 3.0.0

To bump minor version and do release:

$ phprelease --bump-minor
===> Bumping version from 2.2.3 => 2.3.0

To bump minor version and set the stability suffix:

$ phprelease --bump-minor --dev
===> Bumping version from 2.2.3 => 2.3.0-dev

$ phprelease --bump-minor --beta
===> Bumping version from 2.2.3 => 2.3.0-beta

$ phprelease --bump-minor --rc
===> Bumping version from 2.2.3 => 2.3.0-rc

$ phprelease --bump-minor --rc1
===> Bumping version from 2.2.3 => 2.3.0-rc1

$ phprelease --bump-minor --rc2
===> Bumping version from 2.2.3 => 2.3.0-rc2

$ phprelease --bump-minor --stable
===> Bumping version from 2.2.3 => 2.3.0

To use a version prefix for the git tag, add this key to your phprelease.ini:

GitTagPrefix = v.

This will result in something like:

$ phprelease
===> Version bump from 2.2.3 to 2.3.0
===> Running PHPRelease\Tasks\GitTag
===> Tagging as v.1.2.2

Configuring GitAdd Task

To use GitAdd Task, you may simply add the config below to your phprelease.ini:

Paths[] = src/
Paths[] = tests/

Skipping Specific Step

$ phprelease --skip BumpVersion

Getting Version From PHP Source File

If you defined your version string in your PHP source file or class const, to bump version from php source file, you can simply define a VersionFrom option:

; to read version from php class file or from phpdoc "@VERSION ..."
VersionFrom = src/PHPRelease/Console.php

Task Options

Each task has its own options, run help command, you should see the options from these tasks:

$ phprelease help
PHPRelease - The Fast PHP Release Manager

    phprelease [options] [command] [argument1 argument2...]

           -v, --verbose   Print verbose message.
             -d, --debug   Print debug message.
             -q, --quiet   Be quiet.
              -h, --help   help
               --version   show version
                   --dry   dryrun mode.
            --bump-major   bump major (X) version.
            --bump-minor   bump minor (Y) version.
            --bump-patch   bump patch (Z) version, this is the default.
 -s, --stability <value>   set stability
                   --dev   set stability to dev.
                    --rc   set stability to rc.
                   --rc1   set stability to rc1.
                   --rc2   set stability to rc2.
                   --rc3   set stability to rc3.
                   --rc4   set stability to rc4.
                   --rc5   set stability to rc5.
                  --beta   set stability to beta.
                 --alpha   set stability to alpha.
                --stable   set stability to stable.
       --remote <value>+   git remote names for pushing.

So to bump the major verion, simply pass the flag:

phprelease --bump-major

You can also test your release steps in dry-run mode:

phprelease --dryrun

Built-In Tasks



  1. For this project.

  2. Get composer, and run:

    composer install --dev

  3. Hack!