Multipurpose translation manager and interface

2.4.2 2024-05-15 14:48 UTC



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The Contao Community Alliance translation library allows easy use of various translation string sources.

It ships with a collection of various translation string providers:

  • Static values that get populated during runtime by code (StaticTranslator).
  • Adapter for Contao CMS language string arrays (LangArrayTranslator).

In addition it also provides a translator chain using which various translators can be stacked.


It integrates into the Contao CMS providing a translator service. To use it, just get the service from the dependency container:


/** @var ContaoCommunityAlliance\Translator\TranslatorInterface */
$translator = $GLOBALS['container']['translator'];

// Get the translation of yes from the MSC domain.
$translated = $translator->translate('yes', 'MSC');

// Sub arrays known in Contao can be accessed usng the dot as separator.
$translated = $translator->translate('title.0', 'tl_content');  

Known limitations:

  • We have no manual so far. Bummer! :/
  • We have not tested it all yet, so please give it a try yourself.