Module merger V2 for Contao OpenSource CMS

4.3.0 2023-05-22 09:54 UTC



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The Contao Community Alliance merger² extension provides a powerful frontend module to merge various content:

  • Article inheritance
  • Conditional content
  • Powerful condition language


Merger² v4 requires at least Contao 4.4 with PHP 7.1 and is prepared for the Contao Managed Edition.




The documentation is managed as a wiki on Github. Feel free to contribute.

Condition Reference

Each condition is an expression which may contain different functions. Function may be combined with && or || constraints and you can turn back conditions with ! as NOT.

articleExists(column: string [, includeUnpublished: bool])

Test if an article exists in the specific column or section.

  • column Column or section name.
  • includeUnpublished If true also unpublished articles are recognized.

children(count: integer [, includeUnpublished: bool])

Test if the page have the specific count of children.

  • count Count of children.
  • includeUnpublished Include unpublished pages.

depth(value: string)

Test the page depth.

  • value Depth with comparing operator, e.g. ">2".

isMobile([cookieOnly: bool])

Detect if page is rendered as mobile page.

  • cookieOnly If true only the TL_VIEW cookie is recognized. Otherwise the user agent might active mobile view if an mobile layout exist.

language(language: string)

Test the page language.

  • language Page language

page(pageId: string|integer)

Test the page id or alias.

  • pageId Page id or alias

pageInPath(pageId: string|integer)

Test if page id or alias is in path.

  • pageId Page id or alias

platform (platform: string)

Test the user platform.

  • platform Platform type. Valid values are desktop, tablet, smartphone or mobile.

root (pageId: string|integer)

Test the root page id or alias.

  • pageId Page id or alias

Custom functions

Merger² is prepared for custom functions. Simply implement the ContaoCommunityAlliance\Merger2\Functions\FunctionInterface and provide it as a cca.merger2.function tagged service.