This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the concretecms/nightcap package instead.
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Easily build PHP client libraries for your REST APIs.

dev-master 2022-05-19 00:55 UTC

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concrete5 Nightcap is a library that aims to make getting REST just a little bit easier. With Nightcap, developers can create PHP clients for their existing API layer; if you're a developer who wants to take their REST API and offer a PHP client for it, this is the library for you.

concrete5 Nightcap is not:

  1. A REST Library – Nightcap uses Guzzle 6 for that
  2. A REST Web Services library – Nightcap uses Guzzle Services for that.
  3. An OAuth2 Client – Nightcap uses the League OAuth2 Client for that.

Nightcap does, however, include all these things.

Instead, Nightcap is a way to glue all these different things together, providing a nice object-oriented layer around various OAuth2 grant types and authorization. It uses the very handy Guzzle OAuth2 Subscriber library to handle refresh tokens and access token persistence transparently, without any configuration. Additionally, Nightcap gives you a way to define your web services easily, and offer extension as well.

Library Example

concrete5's PHP API client is built on Nightcap: it's probably the best place to start.

Using the Client

Want to see how a developer queries the API? The test console application is a good place to start: