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This is a light library to process HTML forms in Web applications. Its main goal is to delegate concerns like, validation, rendering, translation, and dynamic modification/population to well-known components.

This package is intended to be used as a glue for packages that provide the following functionality.

All these dependencies are optional and more adapters can be added to provide the same functionality with other libraries.

The reason behind this package is that most popular PHP packages (like Symfony and Zend) require you to install several dependencies, like translation, validation, and event dispatching packages, even if you don't need to use them.

If you are already using a form component as part of its corresponding framework, you probably will not find this package very useful. This package is intended to be used when you need a simple integration and you don't need or want to install more packages than you already have.


You can find some working examples in a small Slim application in this repository.

Unit Tests

Setup the test suite using Composer:

$ composer install --dev

Run it using PHPUnit and PHPSpec:

$ php bin/phpunit --testdox && php bin/phpspec run


EasyForms is released under the MIT License.


For more details, please review the full documentation.