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v11.0 2020-05-26 12:26 UTC


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A plugin for Elgg that adds more widget features.


  • Adding widgets from a lightbox
  • Index widgets (with a few different layouts)
  • Group widgets (instead of group profile modules)
  • Forcing of widget (incl positioning) on profile/dashboard (also later!)
  • Option to globally hide a specific widgettype (will even hide widget already placed on profile/dashboard)
  • Create group default widgets
  • Create extra pages with a widget layout

Info about the fix mechanisme for Default Widgets

Fixed widgets always

  • Appear on top of other widgets
  • Can not be removed or edited or dragged by a user
  • Maintain a relation to their default widget, so if the default widgets changes, all user widgets also change!
  • New fixed widgets will also be added to existing users

You can fix widgets on a dashboard or profile page. Fixing widgets can be done by clicking on the pin in the widget header. Only default widgets added when widget manager is enabled will have the option to fix. This is because a special attribute will be set on the default widget to keep a relation to the widget when cloning it to the user profile or dashboard. If you do not see the pin, remove the widget and add it again.

A user can always add his or hers own widgets. They will always be added below the last fixed widget in the destination column.