Improved management of user and group profile fields

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v15.0.2 2020-02-18 12:29 UTC


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Improved management of user and group profile fields


Configure User and Group profile fields

  • add profile types (user only)
  • add categories (draggable reordering, drop fields on categories to add) (user only)
  • importing default or custom fields
  • ordering of custom fields (drag and drop)
  • adds new field types: dropdown, radio, multiselect and date
  • show on register form (user only)
  • show output as tags
  • mandatory fields (for register form, user only)
  • disallow editing of a specific field (applies to edit profile only)
  • backup / restore profile fields configuration


  • a river event when user joins the site
  • admin listing + download of inactive users

Other features

  • mandatory profile icon on register form
  • replace profile fields access control with just one profile access option
  • a customized registration form
  • live check for valid username, email and password fields on registration form


  • profile completeness widget