Hubspot API v3 Client

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v0.2.1 2023-12-12 12:05 UTC

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PHP client for the Hubspot API v3

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A very simple client because their own one looks unfinished and isn't really usable.

Just solving my own use case for now, which is simply to grab a list of available forms, more to come. Don't use in production unless this is all you want to do too.

$credentials = [
    'hubspot_access_token' => $_ENV['HUBSPOT_ACCESS_TOKEN']

$hubsnot = new Hubsnot($credentials);

$params = [
    'limit' => 200,

$forms = $hubsnot->forms()->getForms($params);

foreach ($forms->results as $form) {
    echo nl2br($form->name . "\r\n");
    echo nl2br($form->id . "\r\n");