Queues for CodeIgniter 4 framework

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Queues for the CodeIgniter 4 framework.

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composer require codeigniter4/queue

Migrate your database:

php spark migrate --all


Publish configuration file:

php spark queue:publish

Create your first Job:

php spark queue:job Example

Add it to the $jobHandlers array in the app\Config\Queue.php file:

// ...

use App\Jobs\Example;

// ...

public array $jobHandlers = [
    'my-example' => Example::class

// ...

Basic usage

Add job to the queue:

service('queue')->push('queueName', 'my-example', ['data' => 'array']);

Run the queue worker:

php spark queue:work queueName


Read the full documentation: https://queue.codeigniter.com


We accept and encourage contributions from the community in any shape. It doesn't matter whether you can code, write documentation, or help find bugs, all contributions are welcome. See the CONTRIBUTING.md file for details.