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This bundle is for the symfony framework and requires Symfony ~2.4 and PHP 5.4

This project uses Doctrine 2.1.x and so does not require any specific database.

This file is part of the CCDNUser bundles(s)

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This is a child bundle of FOSUserBundle for Symfony.


UserBundle as a child of FOSUserBundle Provides the following features:

  1. All standard features of FOSUserBundle.
  2. Uses login/logout event listeners to redirect you to previous page on login/logout.
  3. Redirects on login/logout can be changed to specific pages based on USER_ROLE.
  4. Includes Facebook support. (Can be turned on/off in app/config/config.yml; see documentation).
  5. Includes support for CCDNComponent DashboardBundle integration.
  6. Utilises Twitter-Bootstrap interface by default.

Before installation of this bundle, you can download the Sandbox for testing/development and feature review, or alternatively see the product in use at CodeConsortium.


Documentation can be found in the Resources/doc/ file in this bundle:

Read the Documentation.


All the installation instructions are located in documentation.


This software is licensed under the MIT license. See the complete license file in the bundle:


Read the License.


CCDNUser UserBundle is free software from Code Consortium. See also the list of contributors.

Reporting an issue or feature request.

Issues and feature requests are tracked in the Github issue tracker.

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