Web Push library for PHP

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Web Push library for PHP


Require the library with composer:

composer require cmnty/push

This library supports both ext-crypto and lib-openssl for it's encryption needs. While a php fallback can be provided by spomky-labs/php-aes-gcm it is advised to use that only as a last resort.



use Cmnty\Push\AggregatePushService;
use Cmnty\Push\Client;
use Cmnty\Push\Crypto\AuthenticationSecret;
use Cmnty\Push\Crypto\PublicKey;
use Cmnty\Push\EndPoint;
use Cmnty\Push\GooglePushService;
use Cmnty\Push\MozillaPushService;
use Cmnty\Push\Notification;
use Cmnty\Push\PushServiceRegistry;
use Cmnty\Push\Subscription;

$notification = new Notification('Hello', 'World!');
$subscription = new Subscription(
    new Endpoint('...'),
    new PublicKey::createFromBase64UrlEncodedString('...'),
    new AuthenticationSecret::createFromBase64UrlEncodedString('...')

$pushServiceRegistry = new PushServiceRegistry();
$pushServiceRegistry->addPushService(new GooglePushService('API Key'));
$pushServiceRegistry->addPushService(new MozillaPushService());
$pushService = new AggregatePushService($pushServiceRegistry);
$client = new Client($pushService);

$client->pushNotification($notification, $subscription);

By default, the Cmnty\Push\Crypto\AggregateCrypt class is used to encrypt the notification. This class tries to encrypt the notification using third party libraries or extensions in the following order:

  • Encrypt using ext-crypto implemented by Cmnty\Push\Crypto\ExtCryptoCrypt
  • Encrypt using lib-openssl implemented by Cmnty\Push\Crypto\OpenSSLCrypt
  • Encrypt using native php implemented by Cmnty\Push\Crypto\SpomkyLabsCrypt using spomky-labs/php-aes-gcm

You can also force a certain library or extension to be used by passing it to the PushClient:


use Cmnty\Push\Client;
use Cmnty\Push\Crypto\Cryptograph;
use Cmnty\Push\Crypto\ExtCryptoCrypt;

$pushService = ...;
$cryptograph = new Cryptograph(new ExtCryptoCrypt());
$client = new Client($pushService, null, $cryptograph);

If required, you can also provide your own implementation by implementing the Cmnty\Push\Crypto\Crypt interface.

Framework Integration



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.